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PT Heptasari Unggul merupakan salah satu industri obat tradisional yang telah berdiri sejak tahun 1991 dan telah memproduksi obat-obat tradisional seperti Nitasan dengan menggunakan mesin-mesin berteknologi terkini, dengan standar pengawasan mutu yang ketat dari pemilihan bahan baku sampai produk jadi dihasilkan dan disimpan. Dibuat sesuai dengan standar Cara Pembuatan Obat yang Benar (CPOTB/GMP) menjamin keamanan dan khasiat tiap produk yang dihasilkan

Dengan slogan Better Solution for Better Living “ PT Heptasari Unggul menciptakan berbagai obat tradisional dengan tujuan untuk memberikan solusi kesehatan yang terbaik bagi masyarakat luas. Semua produk diracik dari bahan bahan alam pilihan yang telah digunakan dan dipercaya khasiatnya selama ratusan tahun secara turun temurun. PT Heptasari Unggul menjamin tidak ada campuran bahan kimia dalam racikan obat tradisionalnya sehingga tidak menimbulkan efek samping yang merugikan


WOULD YOU RATHER…? Would You Rather…? Yep. This question must have been a big portion of the Olympic looking at experience within our house. Would you rather have no teaching and remain competitive in the Skeletal system OR Ski Jump? I believe, I’m going Metal framework all the way at this point. Sure, it will be moderately distressing to go in which fast, nonetheless worst instance you throw off (careful for those cutters on the dismount) and go to the polish line. Endure, with Snow skiing Jump, I just now see ugh I’m getting away with a lot less than two destroyed bones. Can you rather sit in Ice Breaking a leg OR Being different? Our kids will be split the following. Our kid is flintlike that he previously never use that halloween costume and dancing with a girlfriend. (In the situation, I am translating ‘never’ like ‘check when I am 08. ‘) Our own daughter adamantly argues in which Curling one amongst the most boring point she’s at any time seen. ‘Is this still on? ‘ ‘Sweeping is not really for fun, ‘ and my personal favorite, ‘He seems like our next-doors. ‘ Hard to argue. I do not pose this but it may go through our head (because this is the form of thing which does): Do you rather attend a sport that has a score/time to help win OR one that will be judged? […]

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NAVIGATING FACULTY ADMISSIONS: A STRONG UN-ROMANTIC SOLUTION I intelligibly remember when i was youn and paying attention to my parents possess ‘Sunday nighttime meetings. ‘ They would carry their calendars (yep, hard form with pencils) to the your kitchen after there were cleared the particular table to go over the 7-day period ahead. Whenever we were bit, my related and I seriously didn’t know very well what they were doing. We were merely glad these folks occupied and we could pick whatever TV show we wanted to view. In school, I noticeably recall getting in the kitchen for any snack at the time of study escape, witnessing such logistical talks, and pondering, ‘If this really is marriage, go me available. ‘ At this moment, however , So i’m willing to profess the beauty as well as brilliance belonging to the ‘Sunday nighttime meeting, ‘ because allocating that time made way for freedom. Notice, once they might nailed straight down their own schedules for the week and determined who was gonna drive my family and very own sister into the games or performances or simply events, these didn’t have to talk about the information again. Pay attention, it even now doesn’t seem romantic, nevertheless it gave these folks the rest of their valuable week tell anyone other things (presumably some of that had been romantic, nevertheless are my parents, and this is often a family blog). Applying it (no juga intended) for the Admission Method Becuase i watch many my others who live nearby and close friends with kids in high school (particularly at the time of junior in addition to senior year), it is very clear that sent out conversations together with questions related to scholarships, deadlines, essays, or perhaps plans calling on colleges generally become a whirling, all-consuming wreck. More importantly, they will create pointless tension together with division. Pupi […]

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